Mt. MELVIL Japan offers a full-scale production service from concept to delivery, specializing in Commercial, Digital Content, Branded Film, and Original Content. With our main office in Los Angeles and rich industry experience across the globe, we can navigate your project in the right direction and execute with the highest quality.

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Japan’s art of perfection and order is reflected in the way of our society which extends into production. However these unspoken rules and etiquettes can be difficult to understand especially in the process of filming. As a bilingual production we can navigate your projects to suit your needs and to overcome any communication errors to make sure that you have a smooth shoot. 


Japan exhibits stunning locations ranging from metropolitan urban areas to picturesque natural scenery. When it comes to film permits, it is difficult to define the rules because it is highly project dependent and a good location manager makes a very big difference. As a local production we can navigate you through the irregular rules and makes sure that you don’t have any problems during the shoot.


Unlike US or UK directors, most Japanese directors work as freelancers and are represented by management companies instead of production companies.  Without the exclusivity, it makes it easy to access directors of any level.


Tokyo has become an increasingly cosmopolitan city over the years,  consequently increasing the diversity of actors, models and artists from different ethnicity and background. Let us find the ideal talent to suit the image you require.


Japan has an abundance of hard working and dynamically skilled crew. The demand for bilingual crew including assistant directors, production and camera crew is extremely high and therefore advanced booking is highly recommended. You may find that the roles of crew and the production system such as calculation of overtime maybe different to your country. Having a local production helps to make sure that you have a smooth booking process and make sure everything is covered in your budget.


Between Mt.MELVIL in LA and Japan,  we can help you find the most cost effective post-production options according to your needs.



There are some notable differences when it comes to filming in Japan compared to filming in other parts of the world. Alongside national regulations and permits, there are other factors to consider when pursing a project here. However, it is no more difficult than filming in other countries. With our knowledge and contacts, we are sure to actualize your project as smoothly as possible.